Stay digitally connected with friends
and loved ones safely.

Providing STEM/STEAM technology education services to those in need.
Servicing the youth, elderly, and disabled in the digital space.

Engineering projects

Collaborate with trained hobbyists on robotics, microcontrollers, 3d printing, and other projects.

Digital safety

Over a decade of experienced technology advocates affluent in secure online activites and best practices.

Programming and content development (Coming soon!)

Enroll in programming and content development classes. Schedule online gaming sessions with a dedicated and trained staff of volunteers from the community. Explore STEM concepts in a friendly, safe environment.


Idealize and create products using modern day STEM/STEAM principles. Gather requirements, develop with teammates, and ship to the community.

Tutoring services

Contact us to schedule a free tech tutoring session with a volunteer. We also provide in-person and virtual presentations for groups.


We are always in need of technical enthusiasts looking to give back to the community! Please contact us for more information. All of our applicants are subject to background checks before volunteering.

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